Monday, February 21, 2011

RA#32 All Over The Charts

At Left- I swear to bloody god this is an actual scene from an actual movie. The, uhm, "bad guys" in the utterly ridiculous 1969 British Sci-Fi/Skin-and-Sex romp Zeta One; terrific ersatz action Jazz for the opening credits, and then the most tiresome strip poker scene in movie can't imagine how boring they managed to make watching a gorgeous blonde bird doff her duds; and from there- as you can see in this representative scene- things just get ri-goddamn-diculous...

Another one of those "lazy" shows where I just picked a bunch of music I really like without much of a theme, unless you count putting Prague Fusion giants Jazz Q after Symphonic titans Ota Petrina...also from the Czech Republic, I mean. Anyway, I especially would commend you to take a deeper look into the work of Kryzstof Komeda, the master of Polish Jazz, and here one of his great triumphs- the vivacious and moody "Astigmatic", one of the great Euro-Jazz albums of all time. Cheers, as always, and please forgive the pic from Zeta One, above, but...I just had to post it. HAD TO. - TKR

1) "Zeta One" Opening Credits Music- Johnny Hawksworth
2) "Berlin- KuDamm 12 April 1981"- Heiner Goebbels
3) "Shame"- Li Chin Sung
4) "After The Selfdisintegration In Time"- Cultural Noise
5) "Einige Spanische Toenchen" / "Let Us Dope The Pope"- Franz De Byl

6) "Super-Robot"- Ota Petrina
7) "Pori"- Jazz Q
8) "Midnite"- Terje Ripdal
9) "The Squire"- The Mike Nock Underground
10) "Queen St. Gang"- Arzachel

11) "Materializing The Unlimited"- Axis
12) "Arbeit Macht Frei"- Area
13) "L'evade de la nuit"- Guy Rheaume
14) "L'Ecolier assassin"- Malicorne
15) "Astigmatic"- Krysztof Komeda

16) "Atem"- Tangerine Dream
17) "Ostpusten - Vastpusten"- Arbete Och Fritid
18) "The Spectacular Commodity"- Glenn Branca
19) "Liaison"- Ensamble de Musique Vivante, Diego Masson
20) "Rikyu"- Toru Takemitsu

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