Monday, February 21, 2011

RA#31 An Evening With Magma

At Left: The Ultimate Expression of Progressive Rock

The "Evening With" series of broadcasts has proven to be very popular; I've gotten the most (and best) feedback of any shows with this format, which you can expect more of in the future. Obviously, DJ Timothy has fallen way, way behind on his work, and apologizes profusely for getting off on the film tangent and ignoring the core of what RA is all about- music. The Magma show was very special to me, for very clear reasons- not the least of which is I'm staying here in Red Hook with the great DJ Micah, the man who introduced me to Magma all those many years ago in my first go-round with BKLYN. There is not too much to say about Magma that I haven't already said; to me, there is no question Vander's avant-Prog/Fusion vision is pure genius, and this is some of the most "serious" and important music of the 20th Century. There were a few rarities mixed in to the proceedings, but I think most RA types are pretty familiar with this most ingenious and polarizing material, the kind of stuff that will start fights in bars and cause your girlfriend to leave you. Like the infamous poster from the 70's read: Don't Play Magma For Your Girlfriend. Unless, of course, you're looking to not have one anymore. Cheers, as per always, - TKR

Radio Anthrocide#31: An Evening With Magma

PART ONE: Zeuhl School Is In Session
1) "Hhai"- Hhai Live, Kohntark
2) "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh"- Radio Live Performance, Paris, March 13, 1972
3) "Theusz Hamtaahk"- Retrospektiw I - II
4) "Kohntarkosz Part One"- Hhai Live, Kohntark
5) "K.A. Part One"- Kohntarkosz Anteria

6) "Africa Anteria"- Univeria Zekt- The Unnamables
7) "The Last Seven Minutes"- Attahk
8) "Ek Sun Da Zess" / "De Zeuhl Undezir"- Wurdah Itah
9) "Mekanik Zain"- Hhai Live, Kohntark

PART TWO: The Magma Family Tree
10) "Theusz Hamtaahk"- Patrick Gauthier
11) "La Musique Des Spheres"- Jannick Top
12) "Fete Au Septieme Plan- Sacrif"- Benoit Widemann
13) "Birds Of Space" / "Birth Of A Galaxy"- Tedy Lasry
14) Radio France Music 1995, Live- Patrick Gauthier (This is fucking excellent stuff)
15) "De Futura"- Klaus Blasquiz
16) "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh"- Didier Lockwood
17) "Wilna"- Weidorje
18) "Black P"- One Shot

PART THREE: All The Hits
19) "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh"- Retrospektiw I - II
20) "De Futura"- Vander-Top, Recorded Live in Paris, 1976
21) "Kobaia"- Archiw
22) "Makhiaweliikdjongue" (Lille March)- Inedits Vol. II
23) "Otis"- Ripped from video by yours' truly, French TV, 1980. :)

Download This Episode Here (NOTE: This seems to not be working right now...hang in there...)

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