Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Radio Anthrocide#45 A Salute To Conrad Schnitzler

At Left: My Favorite album sleeve ever from Conrad Schnitzler, who died on August 4th from stomach cancer. A true genius, a true giant- and one of my favorite Electronic artists ever.

Setlist For Radio Anthrocide#45 A Salute To Conrad Schnitzler

1) Der Riese Und Seine Frau from "Grun"
2) Klopfzeichen: Part One, Kluster from "Klopfzeichen"
3) Prince Farm's Balance Buddha, De Fabriek from "Labish Intermediaries"
4) Elektroklang/Tanze Im Regen Conrad Schnitzler & Dompteur Mooner
5) Fabrik from "Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal"

6) Ashes To Ashes, Tangerine Dream from "Electronic Meditation"
7) Untitled, Hans Joachim Roedelius & Conrad Schnitzler from Acon
8) Gelb 4 & Gelb 5, from "Gelb"
9) Start ID 8, from 00_106
10) Untitled, from the 1972 Double-Live LP

11) Krautrock, from "Rot"
12) Zwei Osterei I, Kluster from "Zwei Osterei"
13) N2, from "Conal"
14) Rektifikation, from "Rektifikation"
15) Zug, from "Zug"

16) Jupiter, from "Blau"
17) Untitled, Hans Joachim Roedelius & Conrad Schnitzler from Acon
18) Side B, from "Con"

Radio Anthrocide#44 Son Of Mondo Exploitation Psychedelic Dance Party

At Left: Ennio Morricone contributed the awesome soundtrack to this brilliant bit of arch-criminal fare, "Danger: Diabolik". And it's part of the second Mondo Exploitation Psychedelic Dance Party, and all you have to do to have your very own MEPDP is...download the show!!!

Setlist For Radio Anthrocide#44 Son Of Mondo Exploitation Psychedelic Dance Party

1) The Bar-Kays- Son Of Shaft/Feel It
2) Riz Ortolani- Opening Title to "Brutes And Savages"
3) Vampires Sound Incorporation- The Lions and the Cucumber
4) Piero Piccioni- Party Music (Alternate 1) from "Playgirl '70"
5) Janko Nilovic- Roses And Revolvers

6) Saint-Preux- Le Voyage
7) Keith Mansfield- Power Montage
8) Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra- Space Patrol (Main Title Music)
9) Soundtracks Of East Germany- B-Alarm
10) Guido & Maurizio De Angelis- New Special Squad (from "Roma Violenta")

11) Alan Hawkshaw- Flashpoint
12) Blue Phantom- Diodo
13) Nino Ferrer- Looking For You
14) Ennio Morricone- Deep Down (from "Danger: Diabolik")
15) Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra- Opium

16) Don Ellis- Moon Zero Two (title from same)
17) Christian Anders- Title music to "Emanuelle: Love Camp"
18) Nico Fidenco- A Picture of Love (from "The Degradation of Emanuelle")
19) Shades Of Joy- The Desert Is A Circle (from "El Topo")
20) The Kaplan Brothers- "Running Scared"

21) Roy Budd- Main Titles to "The Stone Killer"
22) Bixio, Frizz & Tempera- "Nucelo Antirapina"
23) Isao Tomita- Main Titles to "Catastrophe 1999"
24) Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield- "Flashback"
25) Steve Gray- "Bulldozer"

26) Francesco de Masi- Escape Sequence 1 (from "Escape From The Bronx")
27) Franco Bixio- With Bare Fists
28) Piombo Rovente- Running To The Airport
29) Alan Hawkshaw- Troubleshooter 1
30) Harley Hatcher- The Chase Is On (from "Satan's Sadists")

31) Stefano Terrosi- Fighting For Life
32) Arthur Brown- I Put A Spell On You
33) Harry Nillson- Jump Into The Fire
34) The Vampires Of Dartmoore- "Tanz der Vampire"
35) Peter Thomas- The Sinister Monk

36) Fabio Frizzi- Main Titles to "Cannibal Ferox"
37) Syl Johnson- Is It Because I'm Black (from "Blacula")
38) Gene Page- The Stalkwalk (from "Blacula")
39) Earth, Wind & Fire/Melvin van Peebles- Sweetback Medley
40) Boris Gardner- Ghetto Funk (from "Every Nigger Is a Star")

41) Dennis Coffey- "Black Belt Jones" main titles, version 2
42) Roy Ayres- King George (from "Coffy")
43) Okay Temiz- Dokuz Sekiz
44) 3 Hur-El- Sevenler Aglarmis
45) Ersen & Kardaslar- Gunese Don Cicegem

46) Timur Selcuk Orkestra- Panayir Gunu
47) Erkin Koray- Karli Daglar
48) Mogollar- Berkay Oyun Havas
49) The Churchills- Subsequent Finale
50) Omar Khorsid & His Guitar- Raqsed El Fada

51) Hal Galper's Guerilla Band- Call
52) Krzyzstof Sadowski- Heavy Rain From a Little Cloud
53) Nora Orlandi- Edwige Hammond Pleasure" (from "The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh")
54) Ennio Morricone- Tell Me Tell Me" (from "La Stagione Dei Sensei")
55) Allen Alper- The Set Up (from "Black Gestapo")

56) Francesco de Masi- Escape Sequence 10 (from "The Bronx Warriors")
57) Goblin- La Via Della Droga
58) Walter Kubiczek- Aktion
59) Nico Fidenco- Eternal Anguish (from "The Degradation of Emanuelle")
60) Stelvio Cipriani- Night Club Girl (Versione 2; from "Death Walks On High Heels")

61) Piero Piccioni- Divertissement
62) Franco Micalizzi- Italio A Mano Armata
63) Pulsar Music Ltd.- Blue Funk
64) Eddie Warner- On The Air
65) Roger Roger- Rugbymen
66) Fabio Frizzi- NYC Aftermath (from "Zombie")