Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Radio Anthrocide#44 Son Of Mondo Exploitation Psychedelic Dance Party

At Left: Ennio Morricone contributed the awesome soundtrack to this brilliant bit of arch-criminal fare, "Danger: Diabolik". And it's part of the second Mondo Exploitation Psychedelic Dance Party, and all you have to do to have your very own MEPDP is...download the show!!!

Setlist For Radio Anthrocide#44 Son Of Mondo Exploitation Psychedelic Dance Party

1) The Bar-Kays- Son Of Shaft/Feel It
2) Riz Ortolani- Opening Title to "Brutes And Savages"
3) Vampires Sound Incorporation- The Lions and the Cucumber
4) Piero Piccioni- Party Music (Alternate 1) from "Playgirl '70"
5) Janko Nilovic- Roses And Revolvers

6) Saint-Preux- Le Voyage
7) Keith Mansfield- Power Montage
8) Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra- Space Patrol (Main Title Music)
9) Soundtracks Of East Germany- B-Alarm
10) Guido & Maurizio De Angelis- New Special Squad (from "Roma Violenta")

11) Alan Hawkshaw- Flashpoint
12) Blue Phantom- Diodo
13) Nino Ferrer- Looking For You
14) Ennio Morricone- Deep Down (from "Danger: Diabolik")
15) Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra- Opium

16) Don Ellis- Moon Zero Two (title from same)
17) Christian Anders- Title music to "Emanuelle: Love Camp"
18) Nico Fidenco- A Picture of Love (from "The Degradation of Emanuelle")
19) Shades Of Joy- The Desert Is A Circle (from "El Topo")
20) The Kaplan Brothers- "Running Scared"

21) Roy Budd- Main Titles to "The Stone Killer"
22) Bixio, Frizz & Tempera- "Nucelo Antirapina"
23) Isao Tomita- Main Titles to "Catastrophe 1999"
24) Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield- "Flashback"
25) Steve Gray- "Bulldozer"

26) Francesco de Masi- Escape Sequence 1 (from "Escape From The Bronx")
27) Franco Bixio- With Bare Fists
28) Piombo Rovente- Running To The Airport
29) Alan Hawkshaw- Troubleshooter 1
30) Harley Hatcher- The Chase Is On (from "Satan's Sadists")

31) Stefano Terrosi- Fighting For Life
32) Arthur Brown- I Put A Spell On You
33) Harry Nillson- Jump Into The Fire
34) The Vampires Of Dartmoore- "Tanz der Vampire"
35) Peter Thomas- The Sinister Monk

36) Fabio Frizzi- Main Titles to "Cannibal Ferox"
37) Syl Johnson- Is It Because I'm Black (from "Blacula")
38) Gene Page- The Stalkwalk (from "Blacula")
39) Earth, Wind & Fire/Melvin van Peebles- Sweetback Medley
40) Boris Gardner- Ghetto Funk (from "Every Nigger Is a Star")

41) Dennis Coffey- "Black Belt Jones" main titles, version 2
42) Roy Ayres- King George (from "Coffy")
43) Okay Temiz- Dokuz Sekiz
44) 3 Hur-El- Sevenler Aglarmis
45) Ersen & Kardaslar- Gunese Don Cicegem

46) Timur Selcuk Orkestra- Panayir Gunu
47) Erkin Koray- Karli Daglar
48) Mogollar- Berkay Oyun Havas
49) The Churchills- Subsequent Finale
50) Omar Khorsid & His Guitar- Raqsed El Fada

51) Hal Galper's Guerilla Band- Call
52) Krzyzstof Sadowski- Heavy Rain From a Little Cloud
53) Nora Orlandi- Edwige Hammond Pleasure" (from "The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh")
54) Ennio Morricone- Tell Me Tell Me" (from "La Stagione Dei Sensei")
55) Allen Alper- The Set Up (from "Black Gestapo")

56) Francesco de Masi- Escape Sequence 10 (from "The Bronx Warriors")
57) Goblin- La Via Della Droga
58) Walter Kubiczek- Aktion
59) Nico Fidenco- Eternal Anguish (from "The Degradation of Emanuelle")
60) Stelvio Cipriani- Night Club Girl (Versione 2; from "Death Walks On High Heels")

61) Piero Piccioni- Divertissement
62) Franco Micalizzi- Italio A Mano Armata
63) Pulsar Music Ltd.- Blue Funk
64) Eddie Warner- On The Air
65) Roger Roger- Rugbymen
66) Fabio Frizzi- NYC Aftermath (from "Zombie")

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