Thursday, May 19, 2011

Radio Anthrocide#43: The Returning

At Left- One of the best albums and album sleeves that this host has ever heard. All hail the one and only Gary Numan.

To all of those who have stuck w/ my little show thru all the recent travails, I have but one humble thing to say: Thank You. It has been hell the last month or more trying to get anything to work and while I am concerned that this is indicative of my MacBook Pro finally starting to die after five years and much abuse...there is little I can do about it now. However...the idea of Radio Anthrocide continues, and I can assure you that I will continue to try and provide the single best alternative radio listening experience on RA, in the world, and in spite of all limitations the demon technology throws in my way. With that being said...let's get back to listening to odd, bizarre and beautiful music, and having a little playlist to guide you all, shall we? Cheers, - TKR

Playlist For RA#43

1) Gary Numan/ Tubeway Army- "Are 'friends' Electric" / "Metal" / "Me! I Disconnect From You"
2) Gang Of Four- "At Home He's A Tourist"
3) The Fall- "Rebellious Juxebox"
4) J.J. Burnell- "Freddie Laker (Concorde and Airbus)"
5) Burial Hex- "Fantasma di Perarolo" side "B"

6) Franco Battiato- "Canto Fermo"
7) Gyorgi Ligeti- "Requiem"
8) Phallus Dei- "Dogmatik"
9) Allan Howarth / John Carpenter- "Halloween Suite"
10) Fursaxa- "Charlotte"