Sunday, October 17, 2010

RA#23 Just Another Freeform Show

At Left- I think it's great to see Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki together. I love them both, and The Can was one of the featured acts on RA#23 Saturday night. Nothing else to add, just that I love them both.

Radio Anthrocide is a busy place these days. With big to-do's looming with Clive Jones on Halloween Eve (not to mention the raising of a demon at the stroke of Midnight!!!) and noted Psychedelic music scholar Eric Colin Reidelberger, your humble host has been too busy/lazy to put the usual 20 hours a week into the show that is the norm. So, whenever you see "Freeform" attached to a show, that is a key indicator that DJ Timothy simply went through his various playlists, picked about four hours worth of music, and said- "THERE! That is what I call a show!" Fortunately, with his unerring taste and endless facility with multiple genres and styles of music, DJ Timothy is usually still on top of things even with such stochastic programming hysterics. The show always manages to adhere to systeme "D", as the French say, without ever falling truly apart from distrait programming techniques. We have not yet had a critical failure of repose in keeping the RA franchise on its inexorable march to status as THE GREATEST AVANT-PROGRESSIVE RADIO SHOW IN THE WORLD.

There are some notes I do want to share. First, check out the music of Volshebnaya Odnokletochnaya Muzyka- or V.O.M. for short. I promise to get on this more, but for right now I am sad to say that these guys seem to have vanished from the Internets. When I first heard these guys going on two years ago now, I was so impressed that I started a correspondence with them, and now all of the links associated with said correspondence are dead. These things happen, of course, but it's no fun when there's so little interesting music being made right now and one of the bands is from Belarus and are probably all off working in a fucking gold mine for the fascist president or something. As always, RA is not ashamed to rely on contributions from its friends- if you have any info on the Minsk underground, please let this writer know. A roll of Necco wafers will be yours for the asking in resplendent reward.

I am also working on a profile piece regarding Tim Motzer of Philadelphia's 1K Recordings- you'll have to get the next issue of Progression magazine for all of that stuff, but I have become an instant fan of Motzer and his oft-collaborator Markus Reuter, and I really hope to have the man on the show sometime in the next month or so. He's involved in about 60 projects, and I played something from Base3, which is Mr. Motzer playing with drummer Doug Hirlinger and bassist Barry Meehan. These guys are seriously good; the brand new live Base3 record will be released by the end of the year, and I'm going to play some stuff from it in the weeks to come. You will want to hear that. It's a seamless trip through four concerts, conceptionally vast and musically tight as hell, and not one dull moment over the entire 74 minutes. THAT is a real accomplishment with the kind of abstract music Motzer and co. play.

There was a heavy hit of Belew-Levin era King Crimson Saturday night, and also a full set from ProjecKt Four at Richards On Richards in Vancouver, BC- which I can vouch for personally is a marvelously intimate space, and I can only dream of what it would be like to see Fripp play there- or have a lovely piece of pound cake from the local bakery, which he has written about with the usual Fripper-ific eloquence elsewhere. (Scroll down for some of the trademark Fripp wit; this is one of his more delightful little asides)

Ok, that's enough writing for tonight. I'd say more, but I'm taxed to my limits this weekend, and, really, what do I really add with my musings other than charm, savoir-faire and an indefatigable sense of literary contruction and humour in these little essays? :) See you next week, as always, yours, - TKR

Setlist For Radio Anthrocide#23 Just Another Freeform Show

1) V.O.M.- "Zapis 5"
2) The Can- "Pinch"
3) Wire- "Mercy"
4) Base3- "Notimeforsilence"
5) Blue Effect & The Czechoslovak State Radio Jazz Orchestra- "Ma Hra"

6) King Crimson- "Entry of the Crims"/"Lark's Tongues In Aspic Pt.3"/"Thela Hun Ginjeet" (Live, 1984)
7) ProjecKt Four- "Set One" (Live, from Richards On Richards, 1998)
8) November- "Sekunder"
9) Nya Ljudbolaget- "Continuum Prometheus"
10) Gnidrolog- "I Could Never Be A Soldier"

11) NeBeLNeST- "ReDRuM"
12) Guapo- "Black Oni Part V"
13) Eno Moebius Roedelius- "Tzima N'arki"
14) :zoviet*France:- "Shamany Enfluence"
15) Coil- "The Mothership & The Fatherland (re-mixed)"
16) Zanov- "An Zero"

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Monday, October 11, 2010

RA#22 Heavy Rock Spectacular 2: The Destruction Of Jared-Syn

At Left, Truth And Janey never really made it big- which confounds me utterly. This is one of the best live Hard Rock albums I have ever heard; these boys from Iowa were RELENTLESS, and as you can see, didn't exactly need a semi-truck to haul their gear. The best Hard Rock remains a stripped-down affair; and T&J didn't add nothing but ferocity to their brand of skullcrushing loudness.

Well, we almost made it Saturday night through the entire show without a glitch- but RA would not be RA without some hardware malfunction during a Heavy Rock Spectacular. DJ Timothy is really not too upset about it, to be honest, because the amount of sheer outrageous rocking that was accomplished in the four hours that we were on the air with no glitches surely has placed the Heavy Rock Spectacular 2: The Destruction Of Jared-Syn in the stratospheric heights of pure Hard Rock awesomeness heretofore unknown in any radio format, terrestial, inter-planetary, Internets-based or otherwise. A-fucking-hem, y'all.

There is a lot to say, but where in the hell to begin? We started with Buffalo, which I am annoncing right now is tradition and will continue to be so as I do more of these HRS broadcasts in the future. The reason is simple: I simply do not know if there is a more outrageously hard-rocking album ever than Volcanic Rock; the cover art alone gives you an idea of what awaits, testosterone-wise, and after about 20 minutes of listening you should be completely prostrate from sheer maniacal RAWK at the hands of Buffalo. As well, the second track is always going to be "Ride The Sky", because this, too, is just so heavy that it is inconceivable that there's anything else out there that could take the honor or second position in these, the definitive records of Hard Rock 70's kick-motherfucking-ass guitar. This is to say that The Chair Hath Spoken.

Other early highlights included an appearance by whom I consider to be the definitive 70's Hard Rock guitarist, John Du Cann, late of The Attack, Andromeda, Atomic Rooster, Hard Stuff, and here from Daemon, who essentially was Hard Stuff a year earlier with different production. We heard from criminally wronged Necromandus and super-heavy Scotsmen Writing On The Wall, who are, currently, my new most favorite band in the world- their album The Power Of The Picts is the kind of record that just could never be made now, as the ridiculous heaviness has been outmoded by souless speed freaks, cartoon-like violent imagery, general stupidity, and lame-ass "Rock" that really needs to be taken out and shot for Grand Theft Suckery.

There was so much awesomeness in the HRS2 that if I don't call it off, this post will run to a million words and still not capture the badassery. But I'd like to point out my joy at discovering Granicus in the research run-up to this show; the track I played was a live version from a radio broadcast in 1973 of "Cleveland Ohio", and while the album version is good, the band just gets it down hard live. This is the best song ever written about the misery of a Midwestern city; having grown up in one (though thankfully not Cleveland, which is a million times worse) I can tell you, if you're in such a place, you gotta get out- just like the song says. Or else.

One last note- though, as always, please feel free anytime to contact Radio Anthrocide via this website if you have any questions on anything that was played. My helpful staff is available 24/7 to get you the info you need for all your Anthrocidal needs. Anyway, THE highlight of the program for me was 80's NWOBHM sensation Heather Leather, from San Antonio, TX- the only all-girl Heavy Metal band from San Antonio EVER, and in many ways my favorite American Metal band ever. The Garza sisters just RAWK; financed by their proud papa, the girls didn't let little things like barely being able to play and singing like a wounded banshee get in the way of their dreams. Incredibly, Heather Leather is STILL pursuing their dreams in the rock club circuit of San Antonio; two younger cousins of the original Garza girls have replaced earlier members, though I don't have a lot of information at this time on the specifics. I am, however, working on getting these girls on the show at some point in the future; I cannot help but love ANY band that has the sheer balls (for GIRLS even!) to write a song called "Child Molester"...which is in FAVOR of the molestation. That's TITS.

See you next week, and remember- if you love the show, tell the world about it. We've got big, big things coming up on RA (including Clive Jones ***WORLD PREMIERING*** the new Black Widow single on RA Halloween Eve!!!) and it's time I start getting some benefits for all my work and bad-assness. Later, you Anthrocidal Muthas, - TKR

Setlist For Radio Anthrocide#22 Heavy Rock Spectacular 2: The Destruction Of Jared-Syn

1) Buffalo- "Shylock"
2) Lucifer's Friend- "Ride The Sky"
3) Truth And Janey- "No Rest For The Wicked" (Live, 1976)
4) Tiger B. Smith- "Everything I Need"
5) Daemon- "No Witch At All"

6) Necromandus- "Nightjar"
7) Spinal Tap- "Heavy Duty"
8) Writing On The Wall- "Bogeyman"
9) Flied Egg- "Rolling Down The Broadway" (Live, 1972)
10) International Harvester- "There Is No Other Place"

11) Euclid- "Gimme Some Lovin'"
12) Human Instinct- "Stoned Guitar"
13) Weed- "Weed"
14) Granicus- "Cleveland Ohio" (Live, from a 1973 radio broadcast in-studio)
15) Patto- "Red Glow"

16) Night Sun- "Got A Bone Of My Own"
17) Juan De La Cruz- "Take You Home"
18) Janus- "Red Sun"
19) Fuzzy Duck- "Mrs Prout"
20) Deep Purple- "Highway Star" (Live in Tokyo, 1972)

21) Les Variations- "Silver Girl"
22) The Wicked Lady- "Run The Night"
23) Bedemon- "Enslaver Of Humanity"
24) Heather Leather- "We Came to Destroy"/"Child Molester"
25) Jerusalem- "Hooded Eagle"

26) Thunderpussy- "Document of Security"
27) Iron Claw- "Skullcrusher"
28) Honest John- "Loser"
29) Flax- "Demon In Your Heart"
30) Aunt Mary- "Listen T0 The Music"

31) Black Sabbath- "Intro"/"Killing Yourself To Live" (Live from "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert", 1976)
32) Jimi Hendrix- "Spanish Castle Magic/Sunshine Of Your Love" (Live, San Diego, 1969)
33) Killing Floor- "Out Of Uranus"
34) Boomerang- "Juke It"
35) Sir Lord Baltimore- "Hell Hound"

36) Leaf Hound- "Freelance Fiend"
37) Birth Control- "Gamma Ray" (Live on FRG television, 1973)
38) The Sweet- "Cockroach"
39) Morley Grey- "Peace Officer"
40) Blodwyn Pig- "See My Way"

41) Edgar Broughton Band- "Call Me A Liar" (Live, 1972)
42) Bodkin- "Aunt Mary's Trashcan"
43) Spinal Tap- "Christmas With The Devil" (Old Scratch Mix, rare)

(NOTE: The network issues started half-way thru the EBB track, above, causing me to end the show a little early. The podcast cuts off half-way thru that track. If you simply MUST have the other tracks, send me a note, I will take care of it for you. The Spinal Tap track closing the show is, indeed, extremely hard to get hold of, but- trust me, the Christmas Show (which is going to be GREAT) will feature this, so don't worry- you WILL hear it!)

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

RA#21 The Minimal Show

At Left: Let's face it, I could have put up a blank square, or a Kandinsky painting...or this chick's hot ass. Radio Anthrocide, though leaning towards obscurantist intellectual overkill, remains controlled by a man who still appreciates the, uhm, "curvature of the Earth". This Kraut fanny was just too good to pASS up, and it will with luck improve my Q-ratings with that all-important 18-to-34 male demographic.

With apologies for the delays due to a problem with the network's podcast system, here, at last, is last Saturday's show, which your host enjoyed both doing and listening to tremendously. There was more than a nod, of course, to Public Sensory Radio in the evening's festivities, as this kind of repetitive and Electronic Microtonal music is a specialty of DJ Micah, who has been really putting together some wonderful shows recently. This is by way of saying that if you enjoyed RA#21, then PSR should be your next stop in the podcasting universe.

Now to what was played. This was an evening of very long tracks, such that a four-and-half-hour program contained a total of twelve "songs", which is some kind of record for me, and very much appreciated from a typing standpoint after last week's 60 track avalanche in during the Blaxploitation Party. While there is a lot to say about both Gavin Bryars and Wolfgang Voigt (of GAS fame), these are relatively well-known artists. Not so with Sea Of Wires, sent my way a couple weeks ago by the aforementioned Tsar Of Minimalia, DJ Micah. Individually Screened is a profoundly off the wall collection, ranging from electro-disco to straight-up minimal synth. It is the track I chose to play- "An Endless Rainy Day"- which is the highlight, however. Out Schulzing-KS in imagination, repetition, warm loops of sound and endless serpentines of meandering aural investigation, I loved this track the moment I heard it and had it in the mix that very night. It served as a nice segue to Norway's Rolf Trostel, whom I admit straddles the line between Ambient and New Age, and may be a little too mellow for the normal RA listener. Regardless, I really enjoy "The Narrow Gates Of Life", and it makes a nice 45-minute trip to terra incognita that is sometimes referred to as your mind. It was nice to just kick play on this one and settle back for a while and just stare at the lava lamp.

Other highlights include Japanese avant-synthesizer gurus Kazutaka Sazaki and Motoaki Suzuka, performing as the Bach Revolution. Their three albums are wildly erratic, but on the track I played everything comes together from a distrait and vertiginous opening to a wildly cerebral close. One of my favorite things I've played in months, especially as their music is very rare and you're not likely to hear it anywhere other than RA. And speaking of rare, Gunnar Moller Pedersen's Stoned- An Electric Symphony exists in a grand total of twelve LP's; a student of Cornelius Cardrew of AMM fame, Pedersen played concerts at house parties in the early 70's and handed out these albums. They have to qualify as some of the rarest music in the world; and of course, thanks to the genius collaborative over at Mutant Sounds (my FAVORITE website in the entire world) you can hear this music yourself- without paying $5,000 for it, which is a going rate quoted at another website I checked in researching this brilliant work.

Anywhere, there's your notes, better late than never- and, as an appeal to friends of RA, if anybody has been saving these programs, please contact me. I had a bit of a mishap with my external hard drive this week, and I don't know if my files are still there or not. They're definitely misplaced, so if you have them and would let me know...I would, of course, be forever grateful. I'd like to keep the RA document ready for eventual inclusion in the civilizational capsule man creates when he finally succeeds in destroying the world; the inheritors of our rubble are going to need something good to listen to whilst they rebuild from our insensate folly. Cheers, - TKR

Setlist For RadioAnthrocide#21 The Minimal Show

1) Gavin Bryars- "White's S.S."
2) GAS- "Konigsforst 5"
3) The Sea Of Wires- "An Endless Rainy Day"
4) Rolf Trostel- "Narrow Gate To Life Pts. 1 - 5"
5) Richard Pinhas- "Paul Atreides"

6) Terry Riley- "The Descending Moonshine Dervishes"
7) Bach Revolution- "Narega Tama, Akumuyori Mezameyo"
8) Gunner Moller Pedersen- "Stoned: An Electric Symphony Part 2"
9) Gyorgy Ligeti- "Study No. 2 'Coulee', for organ"/"Volumina, for organ 1. Fassung"
10) Conrad Schnitzler- "ZUG"
11) Klaus Schulze- "Das Grosse Identifikationsspiel"

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